The smart lock for cabinets and drawers


Val is a smart lock that attaches to your existing cabinets or drawers without the need for screws.

Just download the VAL Lock App and then control your lock within a range of 40 FT. Apple users can command Siri to trigger VAL.


Unlock Val through the app so you don’t have to touch it.


1 less thing to keep track of. The app is the key.


Quickly and easily attaches.


There is no space for your child to reach through and unlock it.


Apple users can command Siri to unlock VAL. Alexa and Google coming soon!


VALs technology is patented and unique.

Why VAL is Better:

Val’s most popular uses are locking medicine, chemical and liquor cabinets.

Medication is the most common cause in child poisonings seen in ER’s. While there are hundreds of other items and substances that are hazardous to babies and kids such as cosmetics, knives, chemicals etc. Studies are showing that medicines are the leading cause.
The child poison rate has doubled since Covid 19. More parents are at home with their children. Experts believe this is a top reason for these increases.


More Protection

Val can also be screwed into the cabinet or drawer for additional security. In this case, even you can not rip it off when pulling on it in your usual manner

PEace of Mind

There is no gap when your child pulls on the handle. This often leads kids into figuring out how to bypass the latch.


It’s faster than getting a key, less painful to manually unlatch it every time you want to open your cabinet or drawer. Just push a button.
VAL is in Charlie’s House, the first Child Safety Demonstration Home in the United States, located in Kansas City, MO.

Their mission is to reduce home accidents by educating people on proper babyproofing.

“Val is an amazing product. I didnt know how badly I needed it until I got it and what a game changer it has been. WOW. ”

– Spencer B. Sugga

“I love it because when im cooking raw chicken and I need a knife, I dont have to to touch the lock and get raw chicken juice all over it”

– Jenny Delich

“”I wish I had that in 1989”


VAL was created to give you your power back


VAL makes lives easier and creates a safer, less stressful environment for your baby and yourself. It is the best option because it’s durable and uses technology instead of a manual process. The other options use ancient technology and isn’t it obvious that a smart voice activated lock for cabinets exists in today’s world?