So, it’s time to babyproof…

And you need to find a cabinet lock to keep your baby safe and you sane, because now…

You officially understand why they say “you need 10 hands to be a mom.”


The smart lock for babyproofing

Motherhood is…

Well… just, so much more than what you expected. It’s rewarding, beautiful and incredibly fulfilling.

It is also way more intense, messy, overwhelming and SCARY than you could have imagined.

We Need a Break.

The cheap options

Ok, right. You need your kids to be safe from the hazardous items in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers but you also need 1 less freaking thing to have to juggle with your hands and one less key to keep track of.

The other options to baby proof your cabinets can be really affordable, but…

They are not pain free.

Yes, we need to save money — and an inexpensive way to lock the cabinets sounds like the way to go but it’s not just locking the cabinets.

It’s locking the cabinets in a way that allows for functional everyday life because we will be using them almost every day.

Do you want to keep track of a magnetic key and get it every time you want to use your dishwashing detergent under the sink? NO!

A mother complained that these taped on magnetic locks were ripped off by her husband, who forgot that he needed a key. She was not the only one.

Get Your Power Back!

And we can get that break by investing in things that keep our kids safe, and give us our power back.

That’s why baby proofing our cabinets is a must when protecting our children at home. 

70 lbs of Pull-force resistance

Attach with double sided tape or screw into your cabinetry for a more durable solution.

TouchLess Activation

No annoying latches or magnetic keys! Control with the VAL app, or Siri.

Locks Cabinets & Drawers

Works for both cabinets and drawers. Many manual latch options don’t work for drawers.

Can Stay Unlocked

It’s annoying to get a key every time you want to open your cabinet or drawer. Val can stay unlocked if you need to get in it multiple times at once.

Activate from afar

Val can be controlled almost anywhere in your home within a range of 40 feet. Wifi compatibility coming soon!

Easy Charging

Val comes with a mounting case. You can pull the lock out of the case when it needs to be charged.

For a Safer, Easier Life.

VAL makes lives easier and creates a safer, less stressful environment for your baby and yourself. It is the best option because it’s durable and uses technology instead of a manual process. The other options use ancient technology and isn’t it obvious that a smart voice activated lock for cabinets exists in today’s world?

avoid The tragedy of child poisonings

This CNN article discusses why there is such a high rate of medicine poisonings in children under 6. There were 294 cases in 2016 of Peroxide Ingestion as well as 52,000 children seen in hospitals for medicine poisonings. 1 problem they discuss is parents admitting they wait until their child shows new skills to adjust precautions in the home. This is why offering a convenient and safe solution is important.

This article, by the National Poison Center, discusses poison statistics by age and cause. They state “Peak poisoning frequency occurs in one and 2 year olds” See the list of most common substances in this image. Unfortunately, some of these instances ended in fatality.

Kaleidi Health News, recently released an article Healined “Families’ Stories Demonstrate How 60% of Poisonings Reported Involve Children” The article features Dr. PASHANT Joshi. She says “it is important realize that all poisonings are preventable” She suggests locking away hazardous items from children.

VAL Helps Keep Your Children Safe.

In some settings the inexpensive locks and latches work just fine. But when it comes to locking the Draino, meds and liquor we don’t want to take our chances.

During Football season, my family and I went to a friend’s house to watch the game. We were in the living room laughing, drinking and immersed in the game. A pass was made at the 20 yard line our moment of glory was disrupted by the loud, gut wrenching sound of cabinet doors, banging and slamming.

We turn and there was my son opening and slamming the beautiful solid wood doors under the sink with a half-gallon of opened Vodka next to him that belonged inside the cabinet.

On the top of the cabinet door were plastic cabinet latches screwed into them. My friend jumped up and apologized.

“These things suck; they warped after being pushed down so much”.

We placed the Vodka back on the counter and spent the rest of the night trying to distract my son from his new game so we could watch our game.

Did I mention that kids are messy?

I interviewed a mom that used these inexpensive latches for cabinet locks. I asked her if they ever malfunctioned. She said “yes” with a laugh. “But it is such a terrible story that she doesn’t want it shared on camera. It involved flour, knives, cheese, 2 kids and a baby.

The peace of mind of knowing your child is safe from the hazardous items in your kitchen and bathroom is priceless.


A close friend of mine is a mother of 3 children. I visited with her often and, one day, she asked me to grab a dish towel from her cabinet.

The kids had made a mess.

I tried opening her cabinets over and over and over again, failing each time.

Getting more annoyed each time.

Here I was, an adult with two functioning, baby-free hands, and I couldn’t open the cabinet door!

I remember being baffled at how any parent managing small children could make these locks work for them.

Why would anyone want that frustration in their home?!?


Well, when I had my first child the reason became crystal clear. At 6 months old, he started walking.

Then he started getting into the cabinets.

I was unprepared.

And I quickly discovered that I would suffer any inconvenience for the sake of my children’s safety.

But, I still refuse to accept that the “inconvenience” of impossible locks is the only viable option.

So I Invented V.A.L.

A strong, simple lock, you can activate with nothing more than your voice and a smartphone.

Simple. Quick. Easy.

Because moms need all the extra hands they can get.

V.A.L. can Be…

Turned off

Kids be gone for the weekend? VAL has an on/off switch, in case you want it to stay off.

Completely Hands-Free

You don’t need to touch it, fiddle with it or get a magnetic key every time you want to open your cabinet

Installed on Cabinets & Drawers

Do you have a personal item that needs to be secured in a drawer and kept away from your kids? Use VAL.

Instantly Activated

!Use our app to instantly lock or unlock your cabinets. Or you can command Siri!

Controlled From Any Room

Val can be controlled within a range of 40 ft. There is no need to stop and get a key.

Immune to Warping

Most manual locks warp over time Because you have to push down on the latch every time you open the cabinet.


Moms need a break.

They also need support

They need things that will allow them to worry less.

They need confidence, power

And things that will help avoid more messes. Something easy for a change!

Most of all, we know at the end of the day after all the grind, the hustle, the work, the cleaning, whatever hat you are wearing that day, that what you want the most is your kids to be safe and for you to be a good mom.

VAL can offer you that!

Val is an amazing product. I didnt know how badly I needed it until I got it and what a game changer it has been. WOW. 

– Spencer B. Sugga

I love it because when im cooking raw chicken and I need a knife, I dont have to to touch the lock and get raw chicken juice all over it

Jenny Delich

“I wish I had that in 1989”


Ready to Upgrade Your Life?


VAL makes lives easier and creates a safer, less stressful environment for your baby and yourself. It is the best option because it’s durable and uses technology instead of a manual process. The other options use ancient technology and isn’t it obvious that a smart voice activated lock for cabinets exists in today’s world?